The Tattoo Wars: Miami Ink Vs. La Ink

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Kat von D and Ami James never really saw eye to eye in that inking reality TV series Miami Ink. So, it was hardly surprising to audiences when Kat packed up her bags, left Ami’s shop, and moved back to Los Angeles. It was not surprising either when Kat was offered to have her own spinoff of this reality TV show when she opened her own tattoo shop on La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles. That reality TV spinoff is none other than LA Ink.

Similarities between the Two Reality TV Shows

Is LA Ink just a carbon copy of Miami Ink? Do they have the same kind of business going on, just in different locations? LA Ink, being a spinoff of Miami Ink, does have similarities with its parent reality TV program in that it aims to demystify the idea of getting a tattoo and disproving whatever myths and misconceptions the public may have over tattoos. Just like with Miami Ink, viewers of LA Ink get to see Kat and her crew in action, taking in clients, discussing with them the tattoo designs they want and offering suggestions whenever improvements to the original design are needed, and then getting the actual tattoos done on their clients.

Where the Similarities End

But format is where the similarity ends. Many fans of both reality TV shows were quick to note that LA Ink has more to it than what Miami Ink had. For one, the location of Kat’s shop is close to Hollywood, and so it attracts more recognizable celebrity clientele. Of course Miami Ink had its own celebrity clients, but the LA Ink crew’s clients had more star power, simply because they come from Hollywood. Notable guest appearances in LA Ink included Tom Green, Ja Rule, Eve and Jared Leto.

Another notable difference between Miami Ink and LA Ink is Kat von D’s unique touch in tattooing. Perhaps now that Kat no longer had to deal with Ami’s constant scrutiny back when she was still with Miami Ink, she was able to shine on her own. It became more and more obvious to fans of both reality TV shows that the tattoo designs Kat and her crew worked on were more stellar in quality and aesthetics than those made by Ami and his group.

It has been proven that LA Ink is a lot better than Miami Ink anyway. The ratings of LA Ink on its first season premier were the highest that the TLC channel got in all its history for a reality TV series. Also, on December of 2007, LA Ink was pitted against Miami Ink and the other spinoff London Ink as to which show is popular, has the best employees and has the best artwork. Which emerged as the winner? It was none other than LA Ink.

Kat von D made an absolutely right decision to leave the guys at Miami Ink. LA Ink is really a stellar deal.

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