'Miami Ink' – Enter the World of Tattooing!

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5 friends come together to start a new lease of life by opening up their own tattoo shop in Miami Beach, Florida. Ami James and Chris Nunez plan to start a tattoo shop at a place called LoveHate lounge co-owned by them. So, they come along together with some of their old and skilled tattoo artist friends, Chris Garver, Darren Brass and Yoji Harada, to open up a parlor- Miami Ink.

Miami Ink is a show aired on TLC which portrays the happenings at this shop. It's a great TV series that shows many interesting people walking in to get their tattoos done and the show has also succeeded in capturing the feelings of the customers and the process of the artist in a great way. Season 1 started with a grand opening party in the first episode where the shop is set up and the first customer gets a tattoo of the Hawaiian Islands. Slowly as the episodes go by, it becomes prominent that business picks up and their friend Yoji gets married to his fiancée Bridgette. Season 1 ended with Ami injuring himself.

Season 2 begins with Ami buying his dream car and later Yoji getting the pressure as Ami threatens to release him from apprenticeship, if he doesn't improve his drawing skills. After several interesting episodes where Kat Von D returns and helps out while Ami is out, the season ended with Darren inking a musician while Ami gives a tattoo to a girl helping in memorializing her father. In season 3 Kat leaves 'Miami Ink' and ventures out having an ambition to set up her own shop. Season 4 was all about Kat coming back on a surprise visit and once again tensions growing between Ami and Kat.

After completing 4 full seasons, 5th season was back with Ami and Nunez traveling to Las Vegas while well known tattoo artist Joe Capobianco fills the place of guest artist in the shop. Season 5 ended with Ami and Nunez being judges at a bikini contest and a new customer, Joni getting a tattoo of her own piece of art onto her back.
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