Sexy Tattoo Design Ideas For Women

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A well done tattoo on a woman placed in the right spot can really be sexy. That is only my opinion of course, but as a heterosexual male who has seen thousands of tattoos, good and bad, on women I feel I can offer some advice on what I think are some of sexier tattoo designs for women and where they look the best. You may or may not agree but I hope this article will help women looking for tattoo ideas.

* Cheery blossom tattoo across the shoulders. The reason I like the cherry blossom tattoo on women, and on the shoulders in particular, is that it is not just one large flower or a group of flowers. The cherry blossom flowers are small and attached to the tree stem. The tree stem can flow into all sorts of directions. Plus, the linear formation of the stem is narrow and can accentuate the female body, especially on certain areas of the body. This linear design with an intermix of the cherry blossoms can be used very effectively to cover a large area of skin. Why the shoulders? Well, I have seen cherry blossoms on other areas of a woman and they look good, but the shoulders and the chest area offer the perfect place for this tattoo design. It is one of the sexiest parts of a woman's body anyways. This tattoo design done properly can really provide some added hotness to a sexy woman.

* Phoenix tattoo on upper side hip area. I like the phoenix tattoos because they can be very linear, colorful, surreal and can present great imagery. It depends on the design, but I have seen some beautiful phoenix tattoos covering large areas on skin and look real sexy. The reason I pick the upper side hip area is that it can go off into different directions. It could wonder up in the ribs and breast area. Or it could rap around the hip and reach the buttocks region. Or it could reach the pubic bone and beyond. I've seen phoenix tattoos on arms, legs and even hands, but the best and sexiest place on a woman I have seen is on the upper side hip area. Just a thought for you women thinking of the phoenix tattoo. Here is a thumbs up from me.

* Heart tattoo on butt. Usually this looks better if it's a good sized heart on one side of the butt. Left or right both seem to work. The top of the tattoo should peek out when wearing jeans and show completely when wearing a bikini in my opinion. The heart is one of the most popular tattoo designs of course, but I am picking it because it is sexy and almost always seems to look pretty good. If you want a great heart tattoo though, pick a killer design and choose a good place to put it. You have my vote of where that is.

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