Full Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

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Getting sleeve tattoo work requires you to think carefully about your design options. Here are some full sleeve tattoo ideas to consider:
1. Flames.
Here's an easy sleeve to consider. Flames, or inverted flames, can fill up the arm nicely and the coloring can really pop out. You can of course incorporate other designs with the flames, but for those wanting a simple sleeve idea, flames can work as your base and you can go from there.
2. Japanese Work.
Japanese work is great for sleeves. The key to finding good full sleeve tattoo ideas is studying the flow of the design and determining if the work flows well together. With Japanese designs the flow is excellent. Another great thing is that this type of work never goes out of style. It's stood the test of time and seems to always be popular, unlike other styles such as tribal.
3. Tribal Designs.
Speaking of tribal, these are full sleeve tattoo ideas to consider as well. Polynesian tribal has been very popular for sleeve work. These also flow very well and there are many options to consider. While all sleeves are pretty intense, tribal can really stand out. The problem as mentioned before is that tribal seems to have been overplayed in recent years, with everyone and their brother (and sister) jumping on the bandwagon. The trend seems to have died down somewhat, but many view this choice as a fashion statement that has come and gone.
4. Custom Make Your Design.
This really is the best option overall. The key here is to pick out a number of tattoos that you really like. You can do this by visiting an online tattoo gallery and checking out the unlimited number of high quality work available. Collect your favorite designs and bring them to your tattoo parlor. Ask the artist his thoughts on creating a sleeve out of what you have chosen. He or she can design something for you or make recommendations based on how well the work appears to flow together.

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