A History of the Hawaiian Flower Tattoos

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Do you know why Hawaiian flower tattoos are so popular there? This is because they have a history of tattoos there. There are lots of flowers in the island of Hawaii and some of the flowers symbolize faith in God. This is the reason most residents have a Hawaiian flower tattoo on them.

Sea sides are not the only things that are famous in Hawaii. Their tattoos are also famous. Most of these Hawaiian flower tattoos are taken from very old designs in tribal art and culture that resided within the island only. This is why it might seem that Hawaiian flower tattoos are very new and fresh and they continue to grow with popularity each day but in reality these tattoos have been there since a long time.

Hawaiian Flower Tattoo- A Tradition

There was a time when Hawaiians used to visit temples regularly to pray so that their family and friends were protected from harm and happy. This concept of protection led them to devise a means for the protecting their relatives. The Hawaiian flower tattoo is a symbol of this protection. But this is not all.

The tattoo also designates a certain social status to a person. So you see native Hawaiians do not wear the tattoo for fashion purposes only. There is a deep inherent meaning in each of the Hawaiian flower tattoos. They protect the person and they also give him/her a personal identity.

Meanings of Flowers

The different flowers of the Hawaiian flower tattoos also embody different meanings. One flower will mean one thing and another flower will mean something else.

For example, orchids will not mean the same thing as plumerias. If you are looking for wealth and strength you should go for orchids. But hospitality and warmth are signified by plumerias. As different flowers mean different things, the best way is to choose a flower that goes with your personality.

You might wonder whether you will get a flower in a particular color you like. Dont worry; there are lots of vibrant colors available. Red, orange, pink or yellow- you name it and your tattoo can be of that color! This is because Hawaiian flowers are usually bright, so in most cases you are likely to find a flower of the color that attracts you.

Hawaiian flower tattoos are not only available in different colors; they are also available in different shapes and sizes. You can get one done according to your choice. If you want to have a fresh yet feminine tattoo, Hawaiian flower tattoos are your pick.
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