Cat Tattoo Designs

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The most important part of having a tattoo done lies in choosing the right tattoo designfor you. There is a wide range of tattoos for you to choose from where you have to make your decision based on your nature, your perception to life, your likes and dislikes or as a means of showing your affection to another. You have a choice from animal tattoos, bird tattoos and any other item of significance to be used as a tattoo.
The best choice for a cat lover would be a cat tattoo. It is important that you choose a tattoo artist who is an expert in animal tattoo designs. This way, you will be sure you get the right tattoo picture as a tattoo. Some animal tattoo artists have a portfolio for you to go through and decide on the right cat tattoo for yourself. Then there are artists who can create your cat tattoo with the help of any cat picture that you present to them.
The Egyptians are considered to be the greatest cat lovers as they worshiped cats so much that if a person killed a cat, either accidentally or on purpose, the person would be sentenced to death. Deceased cats of that era were mummified and buried in their own casket, in special graveyards.
Not only were the Egyptians obsessed with cats, many people from around the world are hung on to cats because of their graceful, fluid and aloof nature. Cats have always been portrayed and associated with the night, along with mystery. In fact, mythology states that the goddess Freya had a cat that pulled her chariot. It was these types of stories that made people believe that cats were magical, and were associated with witches.
The black cat is the preferred choice for Halloween decorations as it symbolized witchcraft and evil. In fact, Norse mythology states that a black cat crossing the path is a symbol of bad luck. However like other symbols, other countries have different associations with the cat. In places like England and Japan, a black cat is considered to be a god omen.
So to be on the safer side, if you wish to have a cat tattoo, avoid a black cat tattoo design. Instead get a cat tattoo design of your favorite breed like the Russian Blue, Siamese, Burmese, Angora or the popular tomcat. Even a cat tattoo of the famous Cheshire cat from the classic ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is a great idea for a cat tattoo. Moreover, this is a cat tattoo that will always be smiling!
Remember that a tattoo is something that will be with you for your lifetime. Of course, it is possible to get a tattoo removed; but it is an expensive procedure which may involve surgery. So think twice on where you place your cat tattoo; it should not be the reason for you not getting a job in the future. There are some employers who don’t like employees with tattoos so choose the right location and the right cat tattoo for yourself.
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