The Ultimate And Evergreen Dragon Tattoos Ruling the Tattoo World and Male Interest

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Are dragon tattoos meant only for the damsels around? Seems like that is some wrong notion? Let's be a part of the upcoming tattoo mania for the attractive men folk today!

Tattoos are the best fashion statement set by the ancestors and are followed by the generations. Started from Greeks and gladiators, slowly and gradually, these marks took a new shape and turned in to a body art. Nowadays, these tattoos have become a trend and fashion in the youngsters. Male community has a strong hold on tattoo art and they can be considered as pioneers in tattooing. Tattoos have now become the fashion statement among males and females. But, males are the leaders anyways!

The increasing popularity of tattoos amongst the male community has flooded the market space with numerous designs and shapes. There is huge rush for portraying a strong, masculine image through these wonderful snappy shapes. The deeper the tattoo, the image becomes tougher. But, trends never stay on one stand, they keep on changing.

Tattooing has become very common as a means of expressing the attitude, feelings, sensuality and interests through these lovely pictures. Among all the legendary creatures, dragon is said to be the most prominent and universal feature in thousands of cultures, which represents the 4 points of compass and elements. Dragon symbolizes earth, water, sky, and under land in east regions and in western regions they are known as the early enemy by whom fight is considered as the ultimate and the best test. People nowadays are more inclined towards having a dragon tattoo done on their body.

Males prefer the tattoo on their shoulder and on their back as well as hand. And female normally, have a tattoo on their belly and low waist back. Dragon is considered to be very powerful and that is what men prefer it for. So, commonly the dragon tattoo is done to show the power and hugeness of the character. These tattoos are done on the body in different color and styles. Dragon tattoos are available in usually blue and red colors. The dragon's image is a reflection of dinosaur. And, it is mostly anticipated breathing fire. Those dragons that are imagined like this are called as fire dragons. These fire dragon tattoos are very popular among males.

Different types of dragon tattoos are there such as, fire dragon, water dragon, fire-spitting dragon, and powerful dragon. These dragons are engraved by the people for portraying their power, strength and influencing attitude. It may also depict anger in many cases. However, with a passage of time and the buzz word on, there are various interpretations coming up.

Dragon tattoos though amongst the oldest tattoos still find preference amongst the crowd. One thing to be noticed is that the dragon tattoos are ever popular and nothing has yet been able to replace this design. These dragon tattoos reflect the real character of men because generally male personality is synonymous to power, energy, hugeness, and masculinity.


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