Tongue Tattoos- Tattoos on Your Tongue

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Now if you have never heard of this before, tongue tattoos come as quite a shock. As tattoos become more common ground you will find there are some who still want the mystery and allure of a unique tattoo. Due to the fact a tattoo can be of any design and style of the bearers choosing, it gives a person the opportunity to express themselves. Since tattoos have become less taboo over the years more people have begun looking into other tattooing options, and this the tongue tattoo is born.

Like any other tattoo on the body, the tongue can be tattoo as a whole or in portion. They come in all sorts of styles and designs, with the most common being having your entire tongue tattooed a different colour. Imagine the reaction on peoples faces when you open your mouth to reveal a blue tongue, or purple or even black. This is just the type of self expression, attention and uniqueness some crave.

The most popular design is the star or tribal work. Stars are commonly found near the tip of the tongue, well tribal is typically reserved for the middle part of the tongue. Tattoos on the tongue can compliment piercings already present, adding an even more unique aspect. Of course as popularity increase so too will the available designs. If you have an idea take it to an artist and see if it can be implemented, you never know it could happen.

As far as how it is applied, it is exactly the same as a regular tattoo. It is completed with a tattoo gun and uses the process of needles penetrating the tongue to implant the colour pigmentation. Once the colour is absorbed by the tongue it will remain there forever. Most who have had this procedure done, claim there was no pain associated with it. It is often described as a tickling of the tongue. The artist will use a tool to hold the tongue out during the application. If you have a tongue piercing or have seen one done, the tool is the same one used for the piercings. Once the tongue is securely held out of the mouth the artist will tattoo it.

If this is an interesting process you would like to try, find a reputable artist around you who has experience in doing them. Not a lot of shops will do these as they are just beginning to take hold. With a little research though you should be able to find an artist. A tongue tattoo is something truly unique, defiantly not the normal everyday tattoo.

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