Review Of Online Tattoo Websites

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Chopper Tattoo Review

Chopper Tattoo is a tattoo design website with a database of just under 4000 tattoos. It's sole purpose is to help you choose a design for your next tattoo.

You can download and print as many designs as you like, and can combine different designs to make your own custom tattoo.

There are many different tattoo categories to choose from in the membership area of Chopper Tattoo. Once you've found a design you like, simply select it and you can print it out to take to the tattoo parlor of your choosing.

Chopper Tattoo claims that their database of tattoo designs is updated regularly, but I'll have to take their word for that since I only purchased a one month membership, and there were no updates with that time frame.

Chopper Tattoo Membership Costs

Chopper Tattoo memberships are priced reasonably. One of the things that I liked about Chopper Tattoo was its flexible membership choices. You have the following membership choices when joining Chopper Tattoo:

* 1 Month – $19.95
* 2 Months – $24.95
* Lifetime – $34

Obviously if you are only planning on getting one tattoo in your lifetime the 1 month membership makes sense. For those of you that think you will get multiple tattoos I'd recommend dishing out the extra $14 for the lifetime membership.

What I liked About Chopper Tattoo

Initially I was impressed with the ease of use of the members area of the website. Its a really simple layout, and you dont have to be a computer nerd to find your tattoo design quickly.

The selection of tattoo designs Chopper Tattoo has is also impressive. At the time of this review they had about 3800 designs in a wide variety of categories (to see the categories, visit their website).

What We Disliked About Chopper Tattoo
What I really disliked about Chopper Tattoo was the fact that the tattoo category pages had big horizontal banner ads on each side of it. This might not be an issue to everyone, but it really annoyed me. When I pay for a site membership I dont expect cheap looking banner ads. This may not even be an issue to some, but it certainly was something that I didnt like personally.

Chopper Tattoo Bonuses

Chopper Tattoo throws in the following three bonuses with your membership:

* Games – In case you get sick of searching for a tattoo design there is a section with eight games that you can play.
* Music Downloads – Apparently along with your membership to Chopper Tattoo, you also have free access to Im not familiar with this site, but it does appear to have free MP3 downloads.
* Tattoo Lettering – This is just a link to a website with various fonts. This could be helpful if you are looking for letters in your tattoos, but these free font sites are all over Google if you search.

Refund Policy

Chopper Tattoo has a 60 day 100% no questions asked refund policy.
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Tattoo Me Now Review and Testimonial, Is It As Good As It Says?

After hearing the buzz in the tattoo community about Tattoo Me Now we decided to try it out to see if all the hype was true. We joined the Tattoo Me Now community to give our readers all the information they need to decide if Tattoo Me Now is right for them. Overview Tattoo Me Now is a web forum created by Mark Haynes. Haynes has always had a love for tattoos and created the forum in order to share the love with others.

Tattoo Me Now offers designs and a forum for tattoo artists and enthusiasts to discuss and share tattoo ideas. Users of the site can get designs for tattoos and bring it to artists and have it inked. Our Experience with Tattoo Me Now First, we really liked how easy to use Tattoo Me Now is. All of the designs can be found in the design gallery. When we found a design that we liked it was just a matter of printing it and bringing it to an artist. Not only that, but we were pleased with the freedom the site gave us. We were also able to combine multiple designs to get the perfect design that we wanted.

The inventory of designs was also something we enjoyed. We have been to sites before that only offered a few designs, but that was not the case with Tattoo Me Now. There were over 3000 designs to choose from and it is continuously growing as artists submit their work. The site also shows a great deal of promise as far as building on that inventory. Members contribute to the site, so there is always a reason to check back often. We liked the fact that people from all over the world have the ability to contribute to the site, which gives Tattoo Me Now some of the most unique designs we have seen.

Tattoo Me Now makes getting a tattoo incredibly easy. All we had to do was combine a few designs to get the tattoo that we wanted and take it to the studio. We did not have to wait in line at the studio while we decided what design we wanted. We just printed out the design and brought it with us to the studio. To make it even easier, the site goes as far as having a studio directory that lists over 10,000 studios.

The site lists all the contact information, which makes getting in touch with a studio incredibly simple. Another helpful part of the site is the forum about designers. Here we were able to find the right artist for us and were able to read reviews from other people to make that decision. This gave us confidence when we went to get the design we selected tattooed on. Lastly, we really enjoyed the forum.

We've always liked talking to people about getting tattoos, and the forum gave us a chance to share stories with others. We liked the way the site was part tattoo design and part social networking. The Bottom Line We would definitely recommend Tattoo Me Now to anyone that is considering getting a tattoo. There are thousands of designs and resources for people to use. The site takes people through the entire process, from finding the right design to going to the right studio.
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Tattoo Me Now Review

Getting a tattoo can be one of those decisions that take an instant to decide, but a lifetime to regret. Quickly flipping through a binder at your local tattoo shop and making an impulsive decision could cause you to kick yourself later on. A tattoo should have a deep meaning to you. Something you will be proud to show off to your friends. Explaining the “meaning behind the ink” shouldn’t be an embarrasing moment that you will regret for years to come.

We searched online for a website or service that would facilitate this important decision and found one of the most popular services available online at

TattooMeNow is a membership site created to give people the opportunity to make the decision about getting a tattoo in peace and quiet from the comfort of their home.

What makes TattooMeNow unique and a great source of inspiration is that it’s also a community where people can interact and share photos and videos of their tattoos.

Inside the membership area, TattooMeNow features the following five components:

Design Gallery – This gallery contains over 3,523 unique designs in 40 different categories. A few of the categories included are, tribal tattoos, biker tattoos, butterfly tattoos, Chinese tattoos, fairy tattoos and abstract tattoos among many other categories. One convenient feature about the design gallery is that you can print out whatever design you choose and bring it to your favorite artist. The bookmark feature makes it easy to go back to designs that you may want to use later on. A person could easily spend hours browsing through the myriad of unique designs, and come up with many original ideas for their next tattoo.

Members Gallery – One of the best features we found with TattooMeNow is the active and helpful community. Inside the members gallery we were delighted to see hundreds of tattoo pictures people posted in different categories. People post pictures of their tattoos to see what others think about them, seek insight on what to add to a design ,or to get advice about what color changes to make to their tattoo. For each tattoo picture you see, you can make a comment about the picture, or rate the picture using the five star rating system. We found the member photos to be neatly organized into categories which made it easy to find designs in specific areas that interested us.

Studio Directory – This directory contains a handy list of 10,000 tattoo studios in over 38 countries. Easily find a professional tattoo studio in your local area by searching through the directory. Also you can avoid tattoo studios that have a bad rap by taking advantage of the 5 star rating and comment review features. Here you can share your experiences with the studio whether they were good or provide a warning for others about the studios that were not so good.

Discussion Forum -The thriving discussion forum is a great place to meet other people and get answers to your most pressing questions from professional tattoo artists or from the other members. This is a great place to get other people’s opinions about a tattoo design you have in mind or to get answers to questions that are difficult to find anywhere else.

Video Vault – This is an entertaining part of the members area because you can see videos other people have made showing off their tattoos. It’s also educational because you can see tattoo artists doing their working and giving professional advice about the art of tattooing in general and even giving advice on topics such as removing a tattoo. If you ever wondered what goes on at those tattoo conventions, besides tattooing, this is a great place to get some insight.

Media Library – This section of the members area contains some helpful educational material on the art of tattooing. Some of the titles of the eBooks available were, “How to Tattoo in 12 Easy Steps€, “Infection Prevention”, “You and Your Tattoo”, “Getting Inked”, and the “Xtasys Tattoo Designs eBook”. There were also a myriad of other eBooks in the health and fitness category available for any of the members to read.

The main complaints we had with the TattooMeNow membership was the lengthy wait for support requests, but of course most of the questions you might have can be answered in the discussion forum by other professional tattoo artists.

We noticed the membership area appears to be consistently updated with new designs. Throughout the month of March 2008 over 300 new designs were added to the member gallery, and 4 new eBooks were added to the Media Library. The Tattoo News section keeps the members updated with the latest changes to the members€™ area.

Whether you’re trying to get ideas for your first tattoo or make an addition to the collection, TattooMeNow is a great source of inspiration, a chance to interact with other members that share the same interest, and to make new friends. If you take advantage of the many benefits inside the member’s area, chances are your next tattoo could be a mark you will be proud of for life.
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Tattoo My Brain Review

Tattoo My Brain is a tattoo design website that offers just over 6000 designs to choose from. The purpose of Tattoo My Brain is to simplify the process of choosing a tattoo design. Like the other popular tattoo design sites, you can download and print as many tattoo designs as you like.

Of the three tattoo design sites I reviewed, Tattoo My Brain is the only site with nothing else to offer other than tattoo designs. With that being said, it also has the most tattoo designs.

At the time of this review, Tattoo My Brain had just over 6000 tattoo designs to choose from. That is nearly twice the number of designs as it’s competitors but it still wasn’t my top pick and we will get in to more details on that later.

Tattoo My Brain Membership Costs

* Life time membership – $34.95

Tattoo My Brain doesn’t offer the membership flexibility that it’s competitors does. The life time membership is the only option.

What I Liked About Tattoo My Brain

I liked the simplicity and layout in the membership area of Tattoo Design. And of course I was very impressed with the selection of tattoo designs they had. With over 6000 designs in their database, there is a tattoo for pretty much everyone.

What I Disliked About Tattoo My Brain

I had two issues with Tattoo My Brain. The main issue was simply that it had nothing else to offer other than tattoo designs. Now this may not be a problem for some of you, so if all you are looking for is designs and don’t care about anything else, then this site will be fine for you.

For me however, I like the fact that Tattoo My Brain and Chopper Tattoo offered more than just designs. But that’s just a personal opinion.

The other issue I had with Tattoo My Brain was the painstaking process of searching for tattoos. You literally have to go through page by page of the designs, and can’t search by descriptions or skip ahead multiple pages. Having 6000 tattoo designs is impressive, but they should really make it easier to search for tattoos.

Tattoo MY Brain Bonuses

The only bonuses you get with Tattoo My Brain are 5 free ebooks on various topics, including:

* Quit Smoking Today
* So You Wanna Buy A Car
* 101 Money Leaks
* Online Dating The Easy Way
* Your Dreams Revealed

I wasn’t impressed You can find these ebooks pretty much anywhere on the web. I mean, the least they could do is provide eBooks that are related to tattoos.
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