Getting A Tattoo - 4 Ways To Minimize The Tattoo Pain

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Get used to it. When you show people your new tattoo, nine out of ten will ask that same question: did it hurt? You've probably asked that question yourself and maybe you are still struggling to find the answer. The thing is: there is no right answer. There is no way to predict the amount of pain that you will have to deal with when getting a tattoo. It may not hurt as much as you thought or it it will hurt more than you thought possible. And probably even more than necessary.

A tattoo gun punctures your skin about 20 times a second. That simply cannot be painless. So when you think about getting a tattoo, expect to feel some pain. A little or a little more. It all depends on your state of mind, how bad you want this and your pain tolerance.
The amount of pain you'll feel depends on the penetration depth of the needles in the tattoo gun. That's why the outlines hurt the most while the shades seem to be almost painless. Some say pain isn't even the right word to use. Especially people with a slightly higher pain tolerance, tend to describe it as a slight burn or even just a scratching feeling.
Even with a lower pain tolerance there are ways to minimize the pain.
1 First of all: make up your mind on how bad you want a tattoo. If you show up at the studio with sheer determination, nothing can stop you. Not even a little discomfort.
2 Let the tattoo artist do its job and focus on something else. Listen to music, watch a movie, read a book or bring a friend and talk gossip.
3 Relax! This is what you wanted, right? To quote the great Anthony Robbins: "Nothing in life worthwile, comes easy". Just relax and fantasize about how great your new tattoo will look and how proud you'll be when it's finished.
4 Make sure get the tattoo you always wanted. Don't get into that chair before you are 100% positive about the design of your tattoo. Tweak it, redesign it, try different shapes and colors and make sure your tattoo artist knows exactly what you want. Getting your tattoo design right before the tattoo gun is fired up, is 99% of the job and will eliminate most of the tattoo pain.

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