Wing Tattoos - Finding the Perfect Tattoo

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Wing tattoos have increased in popularity significantly in the last few years. You would think then, that finding inspiration for a wing tattoo would be relatively straight forward - you've probably seen plenty of people that had an amazing design that you were sure was imprinted in your mind but when it came to actually putting that on paper to take to an tattoo artist, what came out was in fact very different.

The most obvious place to start looking for inspiration and find designs for wing tattoos is likely to be on the web these days, and a very popular resource is Google images. Unfortunately though the quality of tattoo designs here really is inferior, not only are there very few designs available, but the majority of are not of adequate resolution to print off and work with - more to the point though, when you're looking for that ultimate tattoo design that you are going to be proud of and will stand the testament of time, you want something unique. The last thing you want is to find that there are hundreds of thousands of people out there all with the same tattoo as yourself. As with the majority of searches done on the internet these days, people are compelled to sift through the results in the order and relevance that they are presented in, so scroll form page 1 - 10. This presents another additional issue to consider as this further concentrates the number of people that have all been using the same images as sources of inspiration for their wing tattoo design.

By far and away the best course of action in my opinion is to invest a small amount of money in a paid tattoo website that specialises in providing unique designs of wing tattoos that you can print off in high resolution and take to a tattoo artist to either ink up directly or customise as you wish. I firmly believe you get what you pay for these days and as there are so many free tattoo resources on the web few people feel compelled to part with their cash to find a design. However it is here that you will find the high quality and truly unique tattoo designs made by professional artist rather than royalty free clip art images that find their way high up in the Google search engines purely based on the ranking of the website that they are placed on, rather than their artistic merit. There are a huge number of people who feel they would rather have spent more time researching what they wanted inked when they discover many other people bearing the same tattoo as themselves that are also of limited quality. The time spent researching could be the difference between having an amazingly unique tattoo, or something rather average.

I hope you can see the logic in spending time to carefully consider how you go about finding your wing tattoo and hope that this article has been useful.


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