Unique Cat Tattoo Designs

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With the recent rise in popularity of tattoos, many pet owners decide to get themselves a tattoo of their favorite pet friend. Cat lovers are definitely favoured in this matter, as there are plenty of cat tattoo designs avialable.
Tattooing a cat’s face on your body is a traditional but highly popular approach. For cat owners, getting such a tattoo is a great way of honoring the relationship they have with their pet.
Those who suffer from a loss of their furry friend often go for a design that is supposed to keep the cat’s memory alive. This can also be a successful way of getting over the sadness and pain that the pet’s death has caused.
Not everybody knows that cats had a very special place in the ancient Egyptian culture. They were a symbol of fertility and motherhood, associated with the moon. In the Egyptian Book Of Dead the cat was pictured as the defeater of the evil Apep. If you are looking for a sumbolic element in cat tattoo designs, getting an Egyptian-style cat tattoo will probably be the right choice.
Wild cat tattoo designs are also popular and often look very impressive. The lion - the king of the jungle, is often chosen by those who want to manifest their strong personality and inner strength. A tiger, on the other hand, is a frequent choice of women who want a sexy tattoo on their body.
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