How to Fix a Bad Tattoo

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How to Fix a Bad Tattoo

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So you've finally worked up the nerve to get inked. You go to the parlour, talk to the artist, make all the right moves, and you're not happy with the outcome. It can be devastating, especially if the tattoo has some significant meaning.


  1. Live with it for a bit. If you're mostly happy with it, and it's just some minor details that turned out wrong, wait for a bit before you rush to get it fixed. You can possibly learn to live with, possibly love, the flaws that make it unique.
  2. Identify what is wrong with it. Wrong colours? Did it turn out messy? Are you getting chronic infections? Whatever the case, you'll need to isolate the problem. This will make it easy when you go to the laser technician to get it fixed.ask a few artist and notice what they all say.
  3. Research. Research where you're going, how much it costs, the history of the technician, and the reputation of the clinic. Get a tattoo lasered off can be just as dangerous as getting one.
  4. Explain exactly what you want! That last thing you want is for someone mess up fixing the tattoo you messed up.Any good artist will know what is wrong as corrections are done all the time. A touch up or correction will most likly be the answer unless is is really bad then it may need to be lasered or covered up .

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