Get Unique Tattoos From Tattoo Galleries on The Net

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Almost everyone who wants to get inked wants unique tattoos. Now there is a way to get them without paying an artist a fortune to do one from scratch. By using the best tattoo galleries
online and following the simple steps here you can get them easily.
The first thing is you need ideas and plenty of them. On the net have a good look and check out the forums for themes and ideas. It doesn't need to be anything concrete but the clearer your ideas are the easier the next stage will be.
Then after you have done that look though one or a couple of quality tattoo galleries. The best ones will have thousands of original designs done by a number of professional artists. The gallery should be easy to navigate and categorize designs into groups like tribal, butterfly, celtic, etc. The top tattoo galleries will all have a print out option.
When you have spent a while going through designs your mental image of what you want should be getting firmer. Now find 3-5 related designs for each tattoo you want, those you like most and print them out. Pin them up and live with them for a few days. Then start thinking about combining them to make your own designs.
The last part is putting your unique tattoos together. You have the basis now it's time to be creative. You simply need to play around with different aspects of the design, layout, colors, size, details, etc. If you have a bit of know-how, Photoshop can give some really great results. Alternatively draw out the features. Use some good old fashioned scissors and do variations by hand. Take your time and when you think you've got it, show it to your friends and ask around for opinions and feedback.
If doing the artistic bit is not your thing, don't worry. Just take your print outs to a professional artist and show him what you want. Be as detailed as possible. Explain exactly what you want and he will then draw it out for you combining the ideas.
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