Butterfly Tattoos and Barbie

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Did you know that Barbie has a tattoo? It’s true; one of the many incarnations of the Barbie doll was shipped with a butterfly tattoo adorned to her stomach. There were also other tattoo designs available to apply should Barbie ever become bored of the butterfly tattoo.

Now, it maybe a little irresponsible of the maker’s of Barbie to suggest to young children that you can pick and choose your tattoo as easily as peeling off a sticker, however the point remains that tattoos are now absolutely mainstream. If Barbie, the quintessential role model for young girls can have a butterfly tattoo, then anyone in the world can.

In the UK alone, there is believed to be a tattoo parlour in most major towns and cities, clearly showing the demand for tattoos is there. In the US, it is understood that as many as one in ten adults have a tattoo, that’s a phenomenal figure which many experts expect to rise further in the future.

Helping to lead this growth in tattoos and body art are young females in the 18-24 age brackets. You can probably guess the most popular design? A butterfly tattoo of course, it is hard to know what impact Barbie had on this, and of course no self respecting 18-24 year old girl will admit to being influenced by Barbie.

For the time being at least, it looks as though the sight of butterfly tattoos is here to stay. One can only hope those that do apply these designs to the bodies realise that the tattoo is there for life, unlike the butterfly tattoo worn by Barbie.

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