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Tattoo My Brain is a tattoo design website that offers just over 6000 designs to choose from. The purpose of Tattoo My Brain is to simplify the process of choosing a tattoo design. Like the other popular tattoo design sites, you can download and print as many tattoo designs as you like.

Of the three tattoo design sites I reviewed, Tattoo My Brain is the only site with nothing else to offer other than tattoo designs. With that being said, it also has the most tattoo designs.

At the time of this review, Tattoo My Brain had just over 6000 tattoo designs to choose from. That is nearly twice the number of designs as it’s competitors but it still wasn’t my top pick and we will get in to more details on that later.

Tattoo My Brain Membership Costs

* Life time membership – $34.95

Tattoo My Brain doesn’t offer the membership flexibility that it’s competitors does. The life time membership is the only option.

What I Liked About Tattoo My Brain

I liked the simplicity and layout in the membership area of Tattoo Design. And of course I was very impressed with the selection of tattoo designs they had. With over 6000 designs in their database, there is a tattoo for pretty much everyone.

What I Disliked About Tattoo My Brain

I had two issues with Tattoo My Brain. The main issue was simply that it had nothing else to offer other than tattoo designs. Now this may not be a problem for some of you, so if all you are looking for is designs and don’t care about anything else, then this site will be fine for you.

For me however, I like the fact that Tattoo My Brain and Chopper Tattoo offered more than just designs. But that’s just a personal opinion.

The other issue I had with Tattoo My Brain was the painstaking process of searching for tattoos. You literally have to go through page by page of the designs, and can’t search by descriptions or skip ahead multiple pages. Having 6000 tattoo designs is impressive, but they should really make it easier to search for tattoos.

Tattoo MY Brain Bonuses

The only bonuses you get with Tattoo My Brain are 5 free ebooks on various topics, including:

* Quit Smoking Today
* So You Wanna Buy A Car
* 101 Money Leaks
* Online Dating The Easy Way
* Your Dreams Revealed

I wasn’t impressed You can find these ebooks pretty much anywhere on the web. I mean, the least they could do is provide eBooks that are related to tattoos.¦

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