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Everyone dreams of getting their perfect tattoo but not everybody is lucky enough to actually get it. While for some, their dreams die in its infancy, as they drop the idea of getting tattooed itself; for others it is a worse experience because somewhere down the line they decide they don't like their tattoo any more.
After that, one can only regret and learn to live with their rash decision.
Getting a tattoo must be a well thought-out decision. A tattoo, after all, is for life. So, while deciding on what kind of tattoo you would like, you must make sure it is not a rushed, impulsive decision because these usually end up as disasters. So, while you might want everything else 'right here and right now', this is one of those things that you will need to think about at length before you make your final move. can be like an angel in disguise for people who are still not able to decide on their favorite tattoo design. It can help you with the two most important things in getting a tattoo:
• finding the right design to get,
• finding a whole variety of options to choose from on an online website while sitting in the comfort of one's home.
It was only a few years ago that Mark Hanes decided he needed some advice and ideas for his next tattoo. It was then that he noticed the small number of tattoo art websites that could provide genuine options regarding designs and styles, provide a forum for feedback for tattoo artists, find great tattoo artists and so on.
His aim, basically, was to kick start a vibrant online community where tattoo artists and customers could meet. And in response to that, he set up his one-stop virtual shop for tattoos and tattoo artists.
An exclusive members-only website, it offers a phenomenal 3,523 tattoo designs, with hundreds more being added everyday. You can pick and choose from as many as 40 categories into which the tattoo designs have been neatly organized.

You can find pictures of cross tattoos, butterfly tattoos, Celtic tattoo designs, feminine lower back tattoos and many other tattoo designs for women.
So be it gothic tattoos you want, or a Hawaiian flower bird tattoo that catches your fancy, you will find it all here. Or if you simply want to print a design you like and take it to your nearest tattoo artist you can.
You also get reviews of particular designs, and get inspiration to create your own design after seeing someone else's work.
The website also allows you to bookmark particular designs so that you can come back to them later.
You can also use the website to help you combine two or more tattoos and see what the result looks like before you finally decide to get it. Tattoo artists can also join the website and publish their work online, for sale, as well as comments and criticism.
This website ensures you a safe, hassle-free tattooing experience that will get you the dream tattoo you've always wanted. It will also help you to be part of a community of like-minded people, exchanging ideas, making new acquaintances.
This is definitely a place to be if you are a through and through tattoo junkie.
Extras: 8 weeks Guarantee, no questions asked
upload your own photo and view photos of other member's tattoos that you can rate and review
find reviews of studios in your area; 10,000+ studios in 38 countries
discussion forum
tattoo related videos in 12 categories
downloadable tattoo ebooks, videos and other related resources

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