Know More about Amazing and mystic Cross Tattoos

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Are you fascinated by cross tattoos? If yes, then learn more about these appealing tattoos. Exploring cross tattoos can be amazing experience because these designs have interesting meanings and significance.

Amongst all the tattoo designs, including star tattoos, tribal tattoos, flower tattoos etc, cross tattoos are the designs that along with appealing imagery have powerful and deeper meaning. Though several meanings can be associated with cross tattoos, the most perceptible are their religious and spiritual significance.

Representing hope, faith and love, the cross tattoos are often preferred by those who want to show their religious beliefs or affiliations and the oneness with god through this art form. Several cross designs are available in combinations with other designs like flower, dagger, heart and many more. Today cross tattoos are being sported by scores of people not just to express their religious sentiments but also to flaunt the striking art design inked on their skin.

There are numerous cross tattoos that are highly popular amongst the tattoo aficionados. Some of the most preferred cross tattoos are:

Celtic Cross tattoo: These tattoo designs are often liked by most of the people because of their striking style and the powerful message that they convey to the on-lookers. Their origin is associated with two religions that include pagan and Christianity. Often considered as symbol of death and re-birth of the lord Jesus Christ, the cross also signifies the four major elements of the earth. A symbol of love and faith, cross tattoos are also believed to be a guide of life for many.

Tribal Cross Tattoo: It is a perfect combination of the tribal art with the elements of the cross tattoo. Often finished with bold gold and black lines, these tribal cross tattoo designs are flaunted by large number of tattoo enthusiasts, irrespective of their religious beliefs. Usually larger in size, these cross tattoos are dark and bold and stand out amongst most of the tattoo designs.

Calvary Cross Tattoo: This tattoo design depicts a cross that is mounted on three steps which represents the hill of Calvary. It is often associated with symbol of love, faith and hope.

Memorial Cross Tattoo: Its one of the cross tattoos that is becoming highly popular amongst those who have lost their loved ones and wish to have a permanent memorial of them. A perfect form of expression, these cross tattoos are in the shape of gravestone, with some really poignant words added to it.

Gothic Cross Tattoo: Though not directly associated with a specific religious belief, the Gothic cross tattoos make use of religious imageries, especially catholic symbols. German in style, these cross tattoos have an iron texture and are combined with imageries like daggers and barbed wires.

There are several other cross tattoo designs that are flaunted by tattoo enthusiasts. A versatile design, cross tattoo reflects not only religious preferences of the wearer, but also conveys spirituality of non-religious people.

As cross tattoos are associated with spiritual and religious beliefs of the people, there are some restrictions pertaining to its right placement. Often these cross tattoos are preferably inked on wrist, ankle and shoulder. However, these designs can also be inked on backs and chests.

The choice of placement of cross tattoos also depends largely on an individual’s preference. How one wants to portray the holy symbol will determine the placement of the cross tattoo.
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