Great Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

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Who said flower tattoos are just for women. Sure, it may speak a lot about femininity and being gentle, but don't let these connotations mislead you because the truth is, a flower tattoo may look as great on a man.

For women, flower tattoos are nothing short of exquisite. Any type, form, size or color of your tattoo would be stunning, not to mention very meaningful. A rose in bloom, for example, could mean transcending to adulthood or another phase in one's life. Wildly colored flowers may signify youthfulness and a single beautiful elegant flower tattoo could show beauty.

The beauty of flower tattoos is that you can add other designs or patterns with it to enhance the whole image. Tribal flower tattoos are probably the most popular among this set. The crisscross patterns or intertwining lines around flowers make the whole concept more intriguing and powerful.

This is what men can opt for if they want something unique, balanced and bold, tribal flower tattoos may just be what you are looking for. You can choose a flower that looks soft and gentle, a cherry blossom for instance. This kind of design symbolizes freshness and delicacy. Since this type of flower comes from Japan, a deep cultural and ethnic meaning may be attributed to it.

The Japanese people are very artistic, strong and willful; some of the things you might want your tattoo to speak about you as well.

Adding a series of carefully designed tribal patterns could make your flower tattoo a lot more interesting. Envelop the flowers with intertwining vines. Use your imagination and combine different patterns with the flower of your choice to come up with a beautiful tribal flower tattoo.

Even women can do this. Some would find a single flower too simple and may opt to have additional designs added to their flower tattoo. There are those who might request for a butterfly, stars or what have you. The problem with this, sometimes, is that other images crowd the flower design and the meaning is lost. With a tribal pattern, focus remains on the intricacy of the flower but the carefully designed lines create a visual pattern that enhances the center object.

Another good thing about tribal flower tattoos is that since you can simply add the lines and design them yourself or with the help of yourtattoo artist, it is unlikely that you would find someone who has the exact same pattern and flower as you.

It would be helpful if you consult with your artist to know how tribal lines can be incorporated into your flower tattoo. He or she may have ideas that could make your tattoo more attractive. Aside from this, decide on a color for the tribal pattern too.

Although black is a common color for this, you have the chance to choose something else. It is highly advisable though that whatever you choose, it would be something that is classy or timeless. After all, your tribal flower tattoo would stay with you forever. Better make it something worth carrying around for a long time.

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