Aquarius Tattoos- Show Your Water Bearer Sign

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The traditional western representation of Aquarius is the water bearer that makes a significant Aquarius tattoo design The carriers of this sign were born between January 20th and February 18th. It is the only zodiac sign that features a man, though oftentimes the water bearer is reflected as a woman. There are many variations on how the image of the Aquarius is being portrayed but any variant will do as long as it features the flowing water out of its vessel.

Aquarians are known for their spiritual nature. They also possess a calm and composed temperament. If you are an Aquarian, your traits and disposition in life enable you to have a strong connection with the world. Though, most Aquarius body art are tattooed using green and blue inks, you can use your imagination and spice up the design by playing with diverse shades of colors.

There are many choices you can resort to that can immortalize the body art you like. If you are one of the birth chart fans, you might find your contentment with the glyph for Aquarius, which resembles two horizontal and parallel wavy lines. Because it is very simple you can use some of your visual talent to make the water theme more personalized, though if you prefer plain imagery then the Aquarius' glyph will never disappoint you.

Since Aquarians enjoy the world they live in, their love for plants is also inevitable. You can incorporate nature in your Aquarius tattoo by putting the refreshing fusion of various plants and flowers. Floral plants such as Bird of Paradise, Dandelions, Goldenrods and Orchids can convey a lively element to your zodiac tattoo.

Though the ideas and choices for Aquarius tattoos are almost unlimited, being a straightforward person doesn't make you out of place. You can get straight to your purpose through lettered tattoos which can boldly proclaim how proud you are of being an Aquarian. These kinds of tattoos challenge the creativity of your tattooist when it comes to lettering wherein you can go for an inscription that best reflects your Aquarian traits.

Getting a tattoo is an experience like no other, which requires appropriate decision making. But because you are an Aquarian, you will never have a hard time searching for the best design ideas for your Aquarius tattoo since you are creative and innovative by nature.
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