Ankle Tattoos Designs For Women

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Have you ever noticed how incredibly sexy ankle tattoos look on women? You see I think many people missed the boat by getting lower back tattoos instead. Ankle tattoos are every bit as sexy if not even sexier then lower back tattoos and they are not as over played and boring. Ankle tattoos are a great tattoo for a first trimmer or someone that already has a lot of tattoos. They are discreet and easy to cover up or show off depending on the situation, they lend themselves to smaller more feminine designs, and typically very inexpensive to design and get inked.

Discreet and Irresistible
You see many women today have gone out and gotten lower back tattoos. Of course these are very sexy and many women love them and of course it peaks just about every guys curiosity. It is the slightly hidden factor of a lower back tattoo that makes it so sexy. Well, ankle tattoos are exactly the same. These incredible tattoo accentuate a very beautiful part of a women's body and yet they are easy to reveal or cover up depending on the situation.

Smaller In Size
Another thing that makes ankle tattoos so great is that they are often pretty small. This works well for women because they often want sexy and more feminine smaller designs. An ankle tattoo allows women then to get smaller, more intricate and colorful tattoos in a very sexy area.

Inexpensive To Get Designs And Tattooed
Since ankle tattoo are smaller and a less complicated design then many other tattoo they are also inexpensive. Bing that they are often pretty easy to design and can be completed in one or possibly two sittings it is cheaper to design that tattoo and much less to get the actual ink work done. Prices on tattoos of course vary greatly depending on the artist, the tattoo design and many other factors. However ankle tattoos often cost between $50 to $150 dollars.

Common Ankle Tattoo Themes
Of course you can get an ankle tattoo design of your choice and whatever you find interesting or like is the most important way to get a tattoo. However here are some of the most commonly used designs that adapt well to ankle tattoos.

Celtic knot work
Tribal designs that look feminine

Whatever you finally end up choosing for your ankle tattoo design you know it is going to look great. They are very sexy and a fun tattoo to get. They can easily be hidden if that is a consideration and yet revealed when chosen.

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